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Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Think Therefore I Don't

I can't help but wonder where thinking has really got us. The human race I mean. The one thing we can do that seperates, and supposedley elevates us from the rest of the species. Not that I have thought this through myself of course, just sort of thinking out loud.
Looking through the 'news' anytime over the last few months, or even years, you can't help but think what the hell are we doing, what direction are we headed in?
I don't personally buy into the whole doom and gloom thing quite so completely, but even so, things are definately not going very well are they?
People throughout history, mystics, scientists, philosophers, eminant this and that's have devoted their lives to thought and thinking about life, and produced some beautiful and profound work as a result, no denying that. But where has it got us as a whole?
In a hole.
I'm not against thought of course, or philosophy or science etc, on occasions I even think about things myself (hard to believe I know, but stay with me) and yet, well, I'm still as confused and have just as many unanswered questions as ever. And I'm not the only one, am I?
Where has thinking really got us?
The population of the world has just reached seven billion.  Change is coming so fast we can't keep up. One half of the world has so much food it has to throw it away yet the other half is starving. Huge advances in medicine have improved and even saved countless lives yet still there is sickness, new illnesses, new cancers. Technology means we spend less and less time in the compay of others. There is no money for anything yet still we fight wars abroad and ignore the issues at home. Rather spend millions on cruise missiles than on hospitals, but no money to treat wounded soldiers when they come back. A tooth of John Lennon's is up for auction soon and expected to make £10,000. And on it goes. This may sound like some kind of socialist rant, but it aint M'Lord.
The world stock market is in turmoil, countless suffering. Yet didn't we create the stock market in the first place? It didn't evolve from nature did it?  Didn't some people think it was a good idea? And maybe it was once. But it's not any more. And yet we let the system, that we created in the first place, rule us.
The anti capitalist protests in London have seen the resignation of three senior clerics from St Pauls and the church in turmoil again, yet not one banker's name has even been mentioned, let alone brought to task.
What are the protestors thinking?
Here's another one. Some Professors (thinkers) from Cardiff University have just completed a report to present to a London conference that finds half of workers in Britain have been ill-treated. You don't say? Tell us something we didn't know? And what about those who are ill treated in relationships or the family? Yet more pointless thinking and researching. And still nothing changes.
Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, I haven't thought too much about it, but maybe it's about time we stopped thinking about things and just started talking to each other and actually doing something. Or is that too simple?


  1. Do you know what...? I'm not even going to think about it. LOL

  2. Thanks J. I like that about letting the system we created rule us. I get depressed if I think about it. But I'm glad you're thinking about it. What do you think Charlie Sheen thinks about all this...