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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Does the wind?

What does the wind have to offer
that the sea can't give?

Is the sun
better than the moon?

Does the cry of the gull have more meaning
than the widows tears?

The waves break on the shore
children laugh
and the dying man regrets.

In the forest the trees listen
but they keep their secrets.

Is it true that only suffering
can bring us moments like this?

Hurts cannot be undone
only forgiven.

Heaven or hell?
It's up to you, my friend.....

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Scenario

I wrote this one evening a week or so ago in my little portable note book whilst sat in a local hotel bar, waiting for a friend to arrive. This is it as written, first draft, unedited or proof read or thought about or planned. Just as it came out onto the page, as these things do.....

A Scenario

Faced with a blank page
our hero bravely offered
some words

and in the writing of these words
the world rejoiced
and all was well.

The blank page was no longer blank,
the words had found a new home
and were settling in.

Our hero had risen
to a new challenge
and proved himself fit for the task.

The sun rose brighter
and the sky was bluer than ever before,
where once there was sadness
now there was joy.

The sick were healed
the poor were now rich
the hungry fed
the naked clothed
and the blind could see.

Books became popular again
and every bookshop
and every library
was filled with avid excited readers
demanding pages filled with words.
Our hero's words.

Fear of the blank page
was no more

and our hero was worshiped
by all.

There is no moral to this story
just words offered
to a blank page.