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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Ballad of Sid

Whilst out for a beer and some munge
The rozzers caught up with Sid Grunge
He had to think quick
To give them the slip
So he jumped down his lady-friends clunge.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Wrong Side Of The Road

Sometimes in life
you may find yourself wandering
down the wrong side of the road.

It will feel uncomfortable
and you won't like it.

But don't cross over,
dwell awhile.

If all you do is look back at what you have
from a different viewpoint
and appreciate it more,

what a treasure will have been found.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


For the Green Party in Colchester, 10th birthday bash, held at the Waiting Room. I was invited to perform (what a privilege), and decided to write something especially for the occasion. In a desperate attempt to be original I called it this!


Green is the colour of my son's wellington boots
that he lets me wear for wet dog walks
around the village green.
is all around us

England: still the land of pleasant green
with its little villages
and football pitches
cheese and onion crisp packets
and leaf strewn ditches.
Though fast becoming wrapped
in a cloak of lifeless grey
the woodland sacrificed
for the motorway.

Green was the colour of my Dad's estate car
he would drive us to the swimming pool in it
and himself to the pub
(and back again)
and once on holiday to the Isle of Wight.
But we all know that a car
even a green coloured one
is not very green.

Green is the colour of Spring
those little shoots that appear,
heralding the start of
another year.

The sea is sometimes green
a pea is green
it's also the colour
of mint ice cream which
even on a rainy day
eases the cares of life away.

I always ate my greens
especially on a Sunday.
They're good for you Mum would say
and she was right.
But now we all eat too much brown
and white.

Mum sleeps with the green now
she has for some time now,
green is the blanket
for her long goodnight.
And that's all right.
That's all right.