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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

For Rumi

When I am alone my life is meaningless
Yet when I am with someone my life is meaningless also.
Truly, I am done for, wherever I turn.

I am indebted to you, my friend, not for our friendship
For there is no remuneration due there
No payment that could cover what has been given.
What then is this debt?
A puzzle indeed, no?

Why would I trouble you with answers?
I am troubled enough myself.
All I have are questions
and the fierce longing I take into the night.

Don't deny me - Stay.
Keep close to me - I may wander off at any moment.

Where is my compass - where will I go?
The way is lost to me
Behind a door I cannot open
Inside a room that has no walls
Down a road I cannot see.

My eyes are of no use to me here
What I see makes no sense
My legs take me where I do not want to go
My arms hold on to nothing
What is behind me is in front also.
I go in circles.

This ship has no sails
And there is no wind to blow them, anyway.
No rum to drink
No water to float on, either.
I am lost!

No one comes
No one goes

I am an island - or not
Build me a bridge.

I know what you are thinking, I think it also.
At least I would if I were clever enough.

Me - the great contradiction - the puzzle.
I am in pieces before you.
Mend me.

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