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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Walking Thoughts

Had to double check I spelt that title correctly, don't want to attract the 'wrong' crowd to my blog! Ha ha ha ha I do make myself laugh.
Right, moving swiftly on.
I was out walking today and found myself really taking in some of the houses I walk past all of the time as if I had never seen them before, even noticed a few tucked away as if they have been hiding, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves. Why today?  Strange how we notice things in a certain way at one time and completely differently at others. Some were huge and built with lovely brickwork and woodwork and some, like the newly built one's, a bit plain and modern looking.
I then turned down a footpath that runs alongside a field and behind these houses, (I've often seen it but never walked down it) , out of curiosity and for a change of scene.
And whilst walking I had a couple of thoughts that, amongst all the usual wierd stuff that pings about inside the head, really struck me. And I thought, well, being the decent chap I am, that I would share them with you.

First interesting thought...... That there must be hundreds, if not thousands (any advance on thousands?) of untold stories out there just waiting to be written and shared.

Second interesting thought.....That instead of looking for 'something' outside of me to give my life meaning and validation etc, to look for 'something' inside of me that I can access and draw on. Maybe a quality or energy or drive or whatever. But just the thought that trying to make sense of life or find meaning outside of me has not worked for the first 51 years of my life, so why not try inside, look to my own wisdom.

So, there you have it. Brief and to the point. Two walking thoughts shared with you, just because I can. Why not share your thoughts about my thoughts with me and all those other lovely people out there in blogland? Go on, you know you want to.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I could write a list of all the things I don’t want - or like
I have a lot to say on this matter
It would be a long list
A very long list
A very very long list
Long long long long long list

But I don’t like lists
Lists are nerdy, geeky

Someone asked me once what DO I want- or like?
Smart arse
Ha ha ha very funny – and suchlike
There’s always one in the class, or the office
Probably a list writer themselves

I bet their pockets are full of lists
Lists on bits of paper
Coloured paper
All neatly written
I bet they keep a diary
I bet they know what they want

I bet there’s a society of listers
Even a qualification, a degree even
‘Hey, I’ve got a first in lists’
I bet they compare lists
And get all excited and flap their hands about
‘Ooh, that’s a lovely list’
‘Look at his list’
Dribble dribble drool

Who cares?
Who knows what they want, anyway?