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Friday, 26 June 2015

A Game of Flash Cricket

At Colchester Write Night on Monday 22nd June 2015. We played a game of 'flash cricket'. Choose twenty words between us randomly then write for twenty minutes or so attempting to include all the words. Here's my contribution and the words we chose. Because I know you like it.

Her Pieces Laugh Winter Cynical Devouring Character Inspiration Tradition Innocent False Attitude Situation Consequence Flaw Starving Tortoise Irony Kept Turned

Cain was unable to find inspiration no matter how hard he tried. Admittedly he wasn't trying very hard, but that was neither here nor there, He was starting to feel there was a flaw in his character. Out of nothing but sheer bloody mindedness he kept going, although he was becoming more cynical with each word he couldn't find. Plus he was starving.
The situation was this; he had to write an article on Winter by the end of the week, for a local publication, the fee for which would pay this months rent. Another default and he would be turned out on the street. He couldn't ask his current girlfriend to bail him out anymore. She was fed up with picking up the pieces of his life and her friends were putting the pressure on to call it a day between them. The general consensus was he had a bad attitude towards work and was too lazy. They felt all his initial promises were false and that she was an innocent party in all of this. He had been devouring her savings at a rapidly increasing rate, the consequence of which was a strained relationship, another in an ongoing tradition of failures and unmet deadlines.
If he carried on like this he would have to pawn his pet tortoise, the thought of which made him laugh for some inexplicable reason. He was unable to see the irony in all of this or maybe there just wasn't any.