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Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Next Performance

As a result of the recent module I studied, as part of my MA Creative Writing at Essex University; titled Writing, Poetry, Performance, created and taught by Dr Holly Pester,  I have decided I will undertake, as my next creative endeavour, the following performance:

As a gesture towards Erica Scourti's Life In AdWords and using the assembly techniques of Kenneth Goldsmith's book Uncreative Writing; through the platform of twitter and linked to this blog, the performance will be called 'Feeding my Twitter feed back to Twitter.'

Each day of May I will compose by 'cut and paste' from the days feed, short, haiku like collages (but not following the 5 7 5 syllable rule), which I will then tweet under the hashtag #twitterfeedcollage and #notmywords. I will also post on YouTube a video of me performing it.

This is all a bit new for me, and comes as a result of my studies of the Writing, Poetry, Performance module and the material we studied, and the subsequent assignment I wrote and submitted. This performance is not part of that assignment, or the module, or my MA studies, and it is not being submitted for marking or assessment. It is just me moving forwards with my own artistic endeavours, trying new things, and having a bit of fun in the process.

It's also a bit of a move away from Facebook as my main social media presence. I have been on twitter for a few years and want to make more of it, and I have set up a YouTube account. I am excited about this, which for me is the main ingredient. So not only can you read me, you can see me. How thoughtful I am.

It's an experiment; designed to lighten the mood and as creative play, although of course I am taking it seriously as an artwork, and am committed to it, and will put my time and effort into it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments as I progress. You can leave comments here or on Twitter. At the end of the performance I will review it to see how I feel it has gone, and will assemble the videos together as one piece; hopefully by then I will have learnt how to do it!.

Feel free to follow this on twitter @JonnaKing.

Go on, you know you want to.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Word Random

indicative of
advanced translation origin
random phrases disorder


incorrect extract meaning term
refers to
unable listener purpose phrase.

Make pretty picture words
nonsensical used by speaking

incoherent IT professionals,
when feeling bored
use word salad
       word jumble
       word punch
       word putty
       word rat
       word sauce
       word search
       word shit
       word sick
attempt control 

random senseless order mixture
no apparent connection speech writing
incomprehensive meaning occurring

advanced dissociated clanging
confused second-order word approximation
infuriate grammar police!