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Monday, 28 October 2013

Another Morning Poem


Nature reminds us
she is Queen
and King
And Lord and Mistress
And all that falls between.
She IS creation
us her children.

All gods look to her Majesty
and know their place.
And we must too
Or else perish in our ignorance
and ingratitude.

Our one true Queen reminds us
that she rules
and I in awe
am at her feet.
And mercy too.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Eulogy

With thanks to Clive....

It was a solemn occasion.
The sound of your wind, breaking,
was not welcome
and brought some disapproving glances.
But it made the children laugh.

It was a fitting send off,
a kind of blessing,
an honest summary of a life well lived.
Far better than those hollow platitudes,
said for sayings sake.

To be frank, about Frank,
he broke enough wind of his own,
enough to move a sailing ship stilled on a windless ocean,
or to blow the gargoyles off the church roof,
as his mother used to say.

I admired your courage.
It was impressive as it rose in volume,
like a Herald trumpeting his presence,
drowning out the distant birdsong
and the workman's drill.

Magnificent in its pitch
even Pavarotti  could not have held a note
so constant for so long.
Deserving of its own place in the order of service.

And now
consigned to family folklore,
a story to be told and retold
as it is handed down through future generations.

It was a solemn occasion.