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Monday, 31 October 2016

Pumpkin Face

The Davies family bought this year’s pumpkin from an old woman in a layby. ‘Be careful’ she said and laughed, as the children shrank down in their seats. Once home they got to work, and within a few hours it was hollowed out, with a gruesome face and plenty of meat saved for soup the following day. During the night mum was woken by a light. Downstairs, the pumpkin’s candle was still burning, casting a shadow similar to the old pumpkin woman’s face.  Then the outside security light came on, revealing a figure in the garden. The pumpkin started laughing as the back door handle rattled. The old woman walked in, the pumpkins light illuminating the knife she carried. ‘I told you to be careful,’ She said ‘Now it’s carving time.’