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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Water Works

Another game of flash cricket. Written at Colchester Write Night: Monday 25th January 2015: The theme was WaterWorks.

Giant Standing Stone, Earthquake, Cyclone, Polluted, Gestation, Killer, Tap, Death, Unsanitary, Shoreline, Lead, Still, Wrinkled, Condensation, Flow, Breach, Waves, Leak. 

Killer Death gave a loud tap on the fake lead light window of No 5, the house with the sea view, but Flow couldn’t hear as the earthquake was making far too much noise.

Just last week it had been that bloody cyclone, blowing the tiles off the roof and causing the water in the overflow tank to breach the sides, running down into the house and leaving the wallpaper all wrinkled.

To top it all off today was the anniversary of the rather unsanitary bedroom incident (due to the unfortunate leak in Flow’s waterworks) that had polluted her lovely relationship with the gentleman from across the road that had been three long years in it’s gestation and, when it had finally got going, their waves of passion had caused condensation in the bedroom.

Still reeling from her loss and fed up with it all, Flow ran out the back door making a beeline for the shoreline, only to be faced with a giant standing wave.