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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Carry On Infighting

So the General Synod of our good old Church of England, or C of E to their mates, have delayed a vote on the  consecration of women bishops until November. Seems that a proposed amendment (the notorious Clause 5)  which would allow 'traditionalists' ( both men and women!!) who objected to a woman bishop access to a male bishop. What a pickle. All sounds very carry on to me. Except it ain't funny missus, is it.
Not when you step back from the issue and look at what is going on in the world right now, outside the dusty old rooms of said C of E and it's inability to see past it's ancient outdated views and ways.
From my perspective (ok, what do I know?) this is where religions and spiritual organisations lose their way. They get stuck on an issue, claim it's all to do with doctrine and interpretation of said doctrine, then start fighting amongst themselves. One section 'wins'.  The losers either leave and start their own new religion or just stay, very unhappy, and are then unable to contribute effectively.
And why? The basic message hasn't changed, has it? In fact now more than ever, it seems to me, is sorely needed.
And what is that message, what did Jesus (remember him?) really teach? Wasn't it something about love, and helping others, especially the poor and oppressed (or did I just imagine that) and wasn't that how he lived his life? Did he ever say 'Now then sheep, I am a man and my disciples are men, therefore it's only a man that can become consecrated as a bishop and'.....do you know what I can't even be arsed to finish typing that sentence. Most right minded folk know the answer anyway.
And the more they study said teachings and become more 'educated' about them, the more entrenched in their rightness they become, and invest more energy and time into telling us how right THEY are and how wrong WE are, and what we shouldn't do, or eat, and how sinful we really are, who we shouldn't have sex with, etcetera etcetera ( as Yul Brynner used to say).
Why can't the church really unite as human beings and work together to bring about change. For the common good.
 Let's give a few examples of 'real issues worth speaking out about that most right minded individuals would support and respect them for'. 
  • Rape (of both men and women) and the sexual abuse of children
  • Poverty
  • The alarming rise of unemployment and it's effects on families and individuals
  • Crime committed by individuals and corporations and governments and, erm, religions
  • How to unite under the umbrella of shared humanity, put our (mostly petty) differences aside and work to correct injustice and to grow and contribute and live more meaningful lives 
Or am I just being stupid, or childish, or both? Or do I need to just grow up and get a life? I wonder how important the issue of the consecration of women bishops really is to, let's say, the families of those murdered or bereaved in some way, or those about to lose their homes and who might turn to the church for guidance and support. Do I need to go on? Is it any wonder that we are sadly lacking in genuine spiritual guidance and example when all we get is this petty and demeaning bickering and stance taking.
I wonder what Jesus would make, today, of the church that was founded in his name. I wonder, if he was to attend the meeting in November, would he congratulate them for all the time they have spent and the bad feeling that has been caused and tell them that this is, indeed, the most significant issue for the church at this time. That maybe they should spend a bit more time on their anti gay message.

Or would he say nothing and just his very presence would radiate love and compassion, the very love and compassion that seems so sadly lacking both in the church and in society nowadays, and the truth of his real message and of his time on this earth would shine through.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Flash Poem # 4

I chose the cup with the flower on.

It's the same shape as all the other cups
after all
a cups a cups a cup.

and for whatever reason,

I chose the cup with the flower on..