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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Woman Walking

Here's a new one for you....

She walked with a confident stride,
her long legs spaced quite far apart with each step,
for a woman I thought.
That's what caught my attention.

I watched from the bus stop across the road
the large shop windows seemed to frame each step,
like those slow motion camera stills we used to see.

She had long legs and was obviously tall
slim legs but not skinny - blue jeans -
and long brown boots that came to just below her knees.

She walked with a confident stride
and there was strength in her legs,
those long legs,
long slim legs ending in long brown leather boots.

I watched her from across the road
as her long legs took her confidently forward
to wherever she was going,
her long slim legs walking,
marching almost,
framed by the shop windows as she passed them.

She walked with a confident stride
carried along by her long legs,
her long slim legs.

There was power in her legs,
her long, slim legs,
and I liked her....


  1. I particularly liked this one especially the last line "and I liked her" - it tied up the whole package very neatly without excess baggage - I'm sure I can see her too in my minds eye.....

    1. Thanks Mark I appreciate that...