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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Right then, Happy New year and all that. Lets get blogging. Here's something 'what I wrote' some time ago now but has only just surfaced, making its first appearance at Colchester poetry open mic. Who is Ed? Well, now there's a question. Maybe someone we know or, perhaps there could just be a bit of Ed in all of us? Enjoy..........

Pills in a packet pink and red
drown out the voices in my head                                                                 

I keep a gun beside my bed
sneak in at night and you'll be dead 
Two boys from my school just got wed
one was Derek and one was Fred
Lots of spiders in my shed
long hairy legs fill me with dread
My bruvs a DJ with street cred
we went on holiday to the Med
My car tyre has got no tread
the number plate ends in a zed
A vampires coffin is lined with lead
one bit my neck until it bled 
When it snows I ride my sled 
at night I cuddle my furry Ted 
I like butter on my bread
I like rhymes that end in ed

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