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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father Dear Father

To Dad.

You are a stranger to me as I am to you, would you even recognise me now after all these years? I have some memories that I cling to but they bring me no comfort. Why don't I just let them go, like I did you that time? One too many humiliations and I was never good enough. Maybe you weren't good enough either.
Are you happy with your life now, have you arrived at your destination?
I often wonder what went wrong, if wrong is the right approach? All I did was to be born as your son, but felt like an unwanted parcel and always seemed a disappointment. You were a disappointment too.
Just a few kind words would have made all the difference.
These words are not long enough and do neither of us justice. Today I will try to put this all behind me and remember a good time or two. For myself I have been a father so long now I forgot I was a son.
Dad, say my name from time to time, just to humour me, and when your life flashes before you and you draw your last breath, know that I love you still.

Your son.

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