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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fings Ain't What They Used To Be

Came across  THIS today, it's from the coming remastered re-release of Ram, Paul McCartney's second solo album since the Beatles and before he formed Wings, originally released in 1971. This song, "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey" reached No 1 in America at the time.
It's quirky, typical of McCartney and the Beatles influence still heard. Has it ever gone? Anyway, like it or not it got me thinking, or rather remembering, actually a bit of both.
Do you, like me find that much of what passes for music, or entertainment generally today, leaves me wondering oh, is that it?
Now, without wanting to sound overly sentimental, although of course unable to avoid it completely, I can't help but recall a time when popular music was, well, better, or more fun, or broader in it's appeal. When it wasn't so concerned just with celebrity and making money, and presentation and professionalism or slickness, but there was an element of the everyday about it. When actors and comedians and children and just normal everyday people could make records, and they could get to number one. I always remember that Divorce by Billy Connoly knocked Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen off the No 1 spot after nine weeks! You just don't get that now do you?
I'm not saying they were all great, or even good if I'm honest, and I'm resisting the temptation to list all the one's I remember, but I miss that. I'm the first to admit I've never been particularly 'serious' about music, I just like what I like. But I remember as a child on my bike cycling up and down my garden singing Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris. I also knew all the words to All Kinds Of Everything by Dana, it won the Eurovision. Also on a Saturday morning on the radio listening to the 'Cup of Tea' song  (Right Said Fred) by Bernard Cribbins, My Bruvva by Terry Scott and many others. Just fun songs about the everyday or the absurd that people seemed able to just embrace and enjoy for what they were.
I'm not saying either that there isn't any good music being written and performed today, of course there is. But is there any fun music, where is the slightly eccentric, or even the bonkers? Could a class of children at school release a record nowadays and it would be so widely embraced and enjoyed as it once was. Maybe it was painful to watch at times, but I miss it. For all of those out there who recoil in horror at such memories and like to argue about who was the best band or what was the best single or album or who was the best or worse Beatle or whether Paul mcCartney is any good without John Lennon, or any variation of the above I leave you with this, on a wet Saturday morning. Pour yourself a cup of tea, eat an Eccles cake and enjoy. It say's it all.....


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