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Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Mother's Day Letter

Hi Mum

It's mother's day today, thought I would write to you and let you know I am thinking of you. Well, I think of you everyday but today especially.
I wish I was with you so we could have a chat, catch up. You could come and see my flat and have a cuppa, I could take you out but would much rather cook you a meal here and go for a walk later. And read you some of my writing.
I wonder what the 90 year old you would make of the world today, and of your son at 51. A very different world from the one you grew up in, as it is for me too. So much change in such a small timescale. I imagine it would be like visiting another planet. It's all so commercial isn't it, the values and attitudes so different than the one's you knew. Or is it all so different really. On the outside yes for sure.
I wonder what you would make of the internet, of Facebook and Google, and mobile phones? And of a word that is becoming so small and impersonal, where we waste so much, have so much that we don't even notice or appreciate, yet still half the world goes without, where mother's in some countries are so hungry that they tie ropes around their waists to ward off starvation pains so their children can eat? But then you lived through the war so maybe nothing has changed.
You gave a lot too didn't you? Yes, you had more than enough to cope with, but you laughed so much.
I am seeing my children today and their mother (she is a good mother too just like you), for a meal and some laughs, a lot of them at my expense. I don't mind really. They would love you to be there and join in the fun. They could tell you all about their lives and their friends and all the things that make up their world. And of all the silly things I did and still do! I know you would love to hear it all.
I wonder what you would say to them? And to your other grandchildren, we could go and visit them as well. There would just be so much to do.
I used to love making you laugh, and I made you cry a few times as well didn't I? Never on purpose though. I remember the time I was annoying you while you were washing up and you hit me on the arm with your rubber washing up gloves on. That hurt! And the time we sat and watched Abba win the Eurovision with Waterloo. I went into town the next day and bought you the record, it went to number one. Englebert Humperdink is doing it this year, you liked him didn't you?
And also the time I pulled out in front of a car on my moped and it had to do an emergency stop, and you were at the bus stop and saw it. And you were there waiting when I got home. I shan't repeat what you said to me. And the time I brought the shopping home from town and had eaten the whole packet of chocolate biscuits, so the next time you told me to buy two packets, one for me on the way home so at least one packet would make it.
I also remember all those times you packed me up some sandwiches and I would go off and play for the day, outside, in the fields. It's so sad that children don't play outside anymore. I know you would notice that.
Well look at the time. I have to get on and get ready. The sun is out. Your son has to be off out too. There is so much more to say to you, but I can't seem to find the right words. Another time then.You might not be here in person but in spirit, well, you never left at all did you. Have a great day Mum and spare a thought for all of us, thinking of you. Take care and I will write again soon. I miss you.

With lots of love

Jonathan x


  1. Dear Jonna, your Mum would have loved your letter as it's beautiful and real. Your a nice guy. :)

  2. Whoever you are thank you very much for that. I only just found this comment today, but it does mean a lot to me.