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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday Ramblings

An offer of help made and declined, then later a message to say ‘I went back and did it myself.’ People have their own way of telling you you’re not needed, or perhaps my own interpretation of events, coming from a hundred thousand years of sorrowful thinking.

The waiting game is fine for those keeping you waiting, a call to decisiveness for those on the receiving end.

People want their religious festivities without the meaning behind them. A banquet of air. The call of the shopping centre too loud to ignore. 

The wind blows the tree tops I can see through my small window. I pretend they are waving at me, but I don’t wave back.

There’s no confusion here today but no clarity either. I’ve turned the mournful radio off and can feel the rhythm of my heart beating, all the music needed for now.

Later I will reset my compass and head in a new direction. I bow deeply to the past for getting me here.

The clever give advice and the wise say nothing. When we have ears only for sound we lose the wisdom of silence and an angel folds its wings.

Take these words and pretend they’re your own. You have my permission. Let’s make this the last lie we ever tell.


  1. Love the image of trees forlornly waving.
    Unheard lamentations, which echo through the ages nonetheless.

    1. Thank you Gen. Much appreciated and poetic. I often feel that way about trees and flowers....