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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I could write a list of all the things I don’t want - or like
I have a lot to say on this matter
It would be a long list
A very long list
A very very long list
Long long long long long list

But I don’t like lists
Lists are nerdy, geeky

Someone asked me once what DO I want- or like?
Smart arse
Ha ha ha very funny – and suchlike
There’s always one in the class, or the office
Probably a list writer themselves

I bet their pockets are full of lists
Lists on bits of paper
Coloured paper
All neatly written
I bet they keep a diary
I bet they know what they want

I bet there’s a society of listers
Even a qualification, a degree even
‘Hey, I’ve got a first in lists’
I bet they compare lists
And get all excited and flap their hands about
‘Ooh, that’s a lovely list’
‘Look at his list’
Dribble dribble drool

Who cares?
Who knows what they want, anyway?

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