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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I'm not convinced I can yet I'm not convinced I can't either. The evidence is inconclusive either way, in fact supports both arguments. Which leaves me here in the present, neither one thing or another. The path ahead is unclear and I am uncertain and concerned about my future.

I keep asking for guidance, yet nothing clear comes my way. Perhaps it would benefit me to concentrate on what I have to give rather than feelings of resentment for what I haven't got. To leave mistakes and guilt behind. Then where do I get my sense of identity and truth from, what am I without my failings? Do I see my life as lacking or abundant?

When everything is crumbling around me and I stand naked in the ruins of my life, what do I cling to, what do I make of this? Is this how it is 'meant' to be, or just how it is. All this introspection just deepens the chasm and leads me further down. The way out is through. The journey is the path.

What does this mean, for me?

Success or failure is just a thought away.

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