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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Here's One I Prepared Earlier

I came across this browsing through my stuff.  It's from a poetry workshop I attended a few years ago. It was just sitting there, forgotten and forlorn, amongst my notes and I thought I can't have this and decided to share it with you.
It's also September and I have not blogged for a while so it's the proverbial two birds with one stone thing innit like.
There is no title. The workshop was on the theme of dreams which might make a bit of sense of the nonsense, or it might not.
Oh well, places to go, people to see etc.....

I started falling backwards,
as I had nothing else to do.
I tried to stop but was higher than I thought.

Landing underground, and not knowing where I was,
The bike came in handy.
But the square wheels made it hard to ride.

I turned to face myself, behind,
and stared at me for a while.

I knew I must know the way back,
as I had come from there in the first place.
But everyway I turned, kept coming back to where I was now, to me.

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